Why use a Molded Backshell?

There are a number of advantages that a molded backshell provides over a booted/mechanical backshell. In addition to being a more robust design, molding typically costs less and has no material lead-time all while maximizing on space. A molded backshell also significantly reduces the design time by using a common set of materials on all cables. This is achieved through:

  • Not having to search through catalogs for specific backshells and boots
  • Selecting the jacketing material and shield braid by spec, not size
  • Choosing one molding compound and tubing type instead of several different size boots, transitions and heat shrink

Additionally, using molded backshells will reduce the number of items on the BOM. The customer is able to select the connectors and wire type, while everything else is common and listed on a drawing note. We can provide a typical set of notes detailing the molded construction process.

Consider the cost effective solution of molded backshells when designing your next cable set.

Download Our List of Common Shell Size Mold Dimensions

molded mech 1
molded mech 2